I really enjoyed this piece. I feel like it would be less awkward if people treated Black History Month (along with other heritage/history months honestly) as a reminder that this history is happening everyday (e.g. first Black woman VP in the U.S.) and that Black individuals do more than just benefit society (or colonizers) but have benefited and built up ourselves throughout all of history.

(Yes, often working against minoritization, being deemed inferior, and the traumas therein but not always).

I enjoy learning about the inventions of peanut butter, traffic lights, and gas masks, but also (maybe moreso lately) about Black people who were the first to perform at Carnegie Hall, perform open heart surgery, graduate with a PhD at my school and when faced with exclusion started their own spaces and institutions. There are still so many firsts happening even today.

All in all, I relish Black history yearround, but it’s extra special in February ✊🏿. I’m hopeful people don’t make it weird either, but I’ll enjoy it either way.👌🏿

I‘m a writer ✍🏿 & neurobiology Ph.D. candidate 🧠 studying a mechanism behind how we think & behave flexibly. Grateful 🙏🏿 for family, friends, & food ❤️.

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