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  • Poet In The Arctic

    Poet In The Arctic

    Arctic Dreamer. Forest Breather. I write about my experiences living in the North with a side of fiction short stories and poetry.

  • Natasha Nichole Lake

    Natasha Nichole Lake

    I write articles about entrepreneurship and mental health. I also write books filled with affirmations: natashanicholelake.com

  • Vanda Bajs

    Vanda Bajs

    Media researcher, writer in progress. I express my opinions on feminism, pop culture and everything in between.

  • Sam Olliver

    Sam Olliver

    A personal development advocate who believes continual learning and growth are necessary to live a happy, fulfilling life

  • George Ochsenfeld

    George Ochsenfeld

    Secret agent inciting spiritual revolution. Likes meditation, Jung, Tolle, 60โ€™s counterculture, 12 Steps. Retired addictions counselor, university faculty.

  • Penelope Mayfield

    Penelope Mayfield

    Writer. Reader. Human. Fueled by tea and cookies. https://linktr.ee/pmayfield

  • Emthy Story

    Emthy Story

    Poetry, painting & story. emthy.com

  • Kendell Davis

    Kendell Davis

    I aim to be a voice for the vulnerable. I focus on inequality in public policy and being a documenter of what I witness in the world. #WEOC member.

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