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Who am I? I’m Ashlea Morgan, neuroscientist, and writer.

As a kid, I started wondering what makes us feel and behave the way we do. Through science classes and outreach programs, I learned that the brain is responsible, and luckily, the brain can be studied!

As a neuroscientist, I’ve now…

Profile of a plastic see-through brain in a conference room. Another clay brain is seen beside it, but out of focus. A person in heeled boots is also walking by.
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I asked my non-scientific family and friends this question:

What is one of the biggest assumption you have or had about me as a neuroscientist or about neuroscientists in general?

Here are their answers (lightly edited for clarity):

  • DM — That what you do could never be understood by someone…

Photo by carolyn christine on Unsplash

Excellence is exuded.
Gracefully choosing words
That flow like rivers.

Sis don’t miss.

Her glow illuminates
The path of travelers
Witnessing this journey.

Sis don’t miss.

Deeply melanated.
Often underrated.
Now, highly educated.

Sis don’t miss.

Illness couldn’t block her,
Nor obstacles disrupt her.
The mission was for her.


The higher the incline of the head tilt, the deeper the thought. Photo by Tachina Lee on Unsplash.

The positives for overthinking
include the following: first, the
mental gymnastics,
You know like brain exercise…

You will never know how strong
your brain will become until
you ruminate on a scenario
or sentence for hours.

Second, it is the time you spent,
you will never get it back. …

Photo by Darius Cotoi on Unsplash

A snowflake shimmies
downwards to put on a show.
It’s not yet winter.

The warm reception
Ends in encore cheers, then tears.
Promising return

Author’s Note: As flurries of snow hit the city streets, I am reminded that ‘winter is coming.’ For the first winter in a while though, this…

Ashlea Morgan

I‘m a writer ✍🏿 & neurobiology Ph.D. candidate 🧠 studying a mechanism behind how we think & behave flexibly. Grateful 🙏🏿 for family, friends, & food ❤️.

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