Jul 27

A prayer

Photo by Diana Simumpande on Unsplash

Gracious. omnipresent. deliverer.
Wherever we go, there we are

So, here I am.
Hopeful. In need of grace and in this place of not knowing

Here I am.
In wait. Partaking of daily sustenance

Here I am.
In need. Letting go of my wrongs and those who’ve wronged me




A poem

Photo by Tokyo Kohaku on Unsplash

Leaving leaves me with space for joy.
Just in time to be my own.
Self-esteem improved with the
distance. I hold her in higher affection.
I hold him with greater curiosity and
kindness and now freed I fly.
Unclipped wings return to
the nest, unpressed,
and taking time for rest.



Jun 1

A poem in pain

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

I often wonder if the pain I’ve
Endured throughout life is meaningful.
The pain as common as stomach aches,
migraines, and menstrual cramps

Or as uncommon and life-upending
as twisted ankles, strange diagnoses and
Recovering from major surgeries.

Is it true that the Pain serves to
offset the Pleasure? That you…



Prompt: What is your joy?

Photo by Suad Kamardeen on Unsplash

My joy is a new pen gliding over a fresh
unadulterated page. My joy is the curve
of letters, the crafting of masterpieces
out of the stringing of words. My joy
is a story told from here to her
and there to them. My joy is
this poem & the repercussions
of a quiet moment…



Mar 2

A call and response poem

A broken bowl repaired with gold in the crack to highlight the imperfections. This techniques is called Kintsugi.
A broken bowl repaired with gold. Photo by Riho Kitagawa on Unsplash

An empty vessel —
Mediations of a heart
Waiting to be filled

A shattered pretense
Mended with gold and virtue
Replenished with love

A void.
Toyed emotional boy.
Triggering soil. Burried life annoyed.

Potted roots hold truth and lies.
Mis under standing.
Received shock and surprise.

Connected no more to…



Ashlea Morgan, PhD

Ashlea Morgan, PhD

I‘m a writer ✍🏿 & neurobiology Ph.D. 🧠 who studied how we think & behave flexibly. Grateful 🙏🏿 for family, friends, & food ❤️.